Having had my very first Reiki with Liz Mowatt recently…. The whole experience was extremely relaxing and magical…. I was floating with beautiful colours rising and falling within my mind. I felt wonderful on waking, my body felt lighter and filled with warmth… most wonderful feeling.

Carol Caffyn-Parsons


I am so pleased to be leaving this testimonial for Liz. I have known Liz for over 25 years and we have always discussed alternative therapies and the advantages of them over modern medicine.  I became a reiki master myself 15 years ago and have enjoyed the healing power I have had and used over the years. We have always enjoyed discussing the benefits of both giving and receiving a reiki treatment on both humans and animals and how it helps.  As you can imagine I was delighted when Liz decided to further her healing hands and train as a Reiki Therapist and to hear her now discuss her joy at being able to treat and help people is just a pure tonic in itself.

I have had 3 reiki treatments now with Liz and I must say she has the most amazing treatment room which as soon as you walk into gives you the feeling of relaxation and comfort as well as feeling completely safe, warm and cosy.

The treatments I received were incredible.  There was an initial consultation outlining what she was going to do and what I might experience and feel, which would put anyone at ease if they didn’t know what to expect.

Then the energy flowed.  I felt a lot of warmth and shifting of energy, it was very intense at times and then so very relaxing and peaceful at other times.

I must say I came away with my body feeling very relaxed, balanced, calm but mentally clear and energised and I slept like a log that night.

Liz has also treated my dog after he had surgery and he definitely reacted to her treatment, he was aware of the energy, difficult to ask a dog how he felt afterwards but in his movement it told me that something positive had happened.

Reiki is an amazing treatment and helps with so many difference conditions, both mentally and physically, Liz has the most amazing healing hands and calmness throughout the treatments she gave me, I thoroughly recommend you let her Reiki gifted hands help you and have some special YOU time.


Debbie McKay