I am a UK Reiki Fed trained animal healer and have studied animal behaviour, although I have had the ability to help animals long before I discovered Reiki.  I also had the good fortune to be trained outside of Reiki principles, by inviting world renowned Animal Healer and Author Margrit Coates to spend a day with me, sharing her wisdom and healing principles.  Margrit is internationally acclaimed for her work as an Animal Healer and Animal Communicator and is the author of many books including Connecting with Horses, Horses Talking and Communicating with Animals, We visited a racehorse and offered it healing together and then Margrit gave healing to my own animals, there is no doubt about it, the effects on the animals is like magic!  Please scroll further down the page for more information on Margrit and photos.

Permission is always sought from the animal at the beginning of treatment, they will let me know if they are willing to accept healing.  Sounds weird I know, but the ability to communicate mentally with animals develops with the meditative state, openess to the sharing of energy and Reiki trained exercises. My approach is tailored to their needs following an in-depth consultation with their caregiver.  I will adapt how the energy is given, some animals like to be gently stroked or simply have my hands placed on them or around them (or a combination of the two) or from across the room (or stable yard/field/aviary) which is just as effective. Reiki is a relaxing and pleasurable experience for the animal and is of benefit to their caregivers too! Animals will often manoeuvre themselves to receive my touch or to show me where they need healing and sometimes I feel in my own body areas that are hurting for them.  Reiki healing can also be sent remotely, see Distance Healing.  At the moment I am only offering Reiki for animals using distance healing whilst I complete my final Animal Reiki II Case Studies. Trust me, gaining a qualification with UK Reiki Fed is a slog!  But the result is that when you choose a healer with UK Reiki Fed qualifications, you know they have committed hundreds of hours to their training and experience and have attained the gold standard in what they do.



  • Deep relaxation during the treatment which can last for a long time afterwards.
  • Alleviating anxiety, stress and nervousness
  • Promoting a sense of calm which promotes better healing
  • Relieving aches, pains, strains and allergies
  • Helps to calm scared, fearful animals
  • Increasing energy levels and overall well-being
  • Great for ferals, wildlife, rescues, captive birds and 'hard to reach & handle' animals

Please remember that if your pet is unwell, your first port of call is to your Vet.  Reiki is a complementary treatment that works alongside your Vet's recommendations.


Reiki is particularly effective on horses.  It is non invasive and can be given at some distance to the horse if necessary.  The healing energy can unblock deep physical and emotional problems that may have been caused by bad experiences and can also help with common ailments, such as laminitis. 


From your cat to your rabbit or your goat to your donkey, consider adding Reiki to your wellbeing toolbox when wanting to make them better or improve their emotional state.


Reiki can be of huge benefit to dogs, particularly with emotional/anxiety/behavioural issues and physical issues, such as illness, recovering from surgery and age related problems.




Yes really!  Pet birds, domestic fowl or birds of prey - they can all receive Reiki and benefit from it.


A few photos of some of the animals I have offered Reiki to.  They all soaked up the energy and moved into a state of deep relaxation.


World Renowned Animal Healer & Communicator Margrit Coates

Some photos of our training day together along with a selection of Margrit's Books.