During a healing session I will make sure you are warm and cosy.  If you are unable to lie on my treatment couch I can give you Reiki from a comfortable chair.  I will gently hover my hands close to the body, or use a gentle touch in a series of positions. Each hand position focuses on a different part of the body — including the head, shoulders, stomach, arms, hips, knees and feet — and is held for roughly 3 to 10 minutes, depending on your needs. I will show you the positions before we start - although you can choose to have the whole session 'hands off' if you prefer.  You will feel enveloped in a deep sense of calm and relaxation. 

£50 per session.  My treatment room is in Farnham, Surrey.


  • Relaxation
  • Reducing Anxiety & Daily Stress
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Mood
  • Promoting Healing following injury or surgery


Reiki is a completely safe complementary therapy and is deeply relaxing.  To learn more about Reiki click HERE. 


What Happens During a Reiki Treatment?

There is no talking during the Reiki healing session, just lie back with your eyes shut and enjoy the experience.  You are likely to drift in and out of light sleep or feel in a deep meditative state.  The treatment typically lasts 45 minutes with a consultation beforehand and a chance to chat afterwards to compare what we both experienced during the healing.

Your first session requires a more in depth consultation so please allow an extra 15 minutes for this.


Insurance is arranged through Balens Insurance.

I am a UK Reiki Federation Member Practitioner - You can visit their Website by clicking HERE


Reiki Practioner and Animal Healer

Decades before I first encountered Reiki, I was already using my hands to heal my family without giving it too much thought. My Mother and her Mother had what we called 'healing hands' and I do believe that it adds an extra dimension to my Reiki sessions and particularly when it comes to offering healing to animals.

When I decided  to become a Reiki Practitioner I chose to undertake training accredited with The Reiki Federation of which I am a member.  I am trained to Level 2 and have extended that training to include Reiki for animals and animal communication.

I am a huge animal lover and have kept pets all my life, dogs, cats, small furries and birds of various forms.

To learn about animal healing, click HERE.




That's the word I hear most often!  It is not at all unusual to drift in and out of sleep, some people fall fast asleep. You may feel some heat from my hands, or tingling. You may see colours and images. You may not feel any of those things, just serenity. Each visit is unique and there is no right or wrong.  Rest assured, Reiki healing energy knows where it is needed and the benefits will be gratefully received by your body and emotional mind.

Lie back, warm and cosy under a blanket, shut your eyes and let your troubles float away ....



Reiki can be sent over a distance.  I was sceptical until I experienced it.  Reiki, like the Universe, is energy and we are all energetically connected with life force energy flowing through us.   To receive distance Reiki, the client makes themselves comfortable, either lying down or sitting comfortably in a chair.  It helps me to have a photograph but not essential.  I light a candle and meditate first and I then send the healing energy to them at our agreed time, in exactly the same way as I would if the client were with me in person. The energy will connect us and it will have the same results.  


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